thank u.

I am so grateful for my life.

I live in such abundance.

The people in my life are true gifts. Most days just thinking about them can bring me to tears at the amount of love I have.  My family has shown me what unconditional love truly is and I am so thankful to be able to feel that and know it everyday. My Mom is so nurturing and caring and my Dad’s patience astonishes me all the time. They have stuck together for 38 yrs and the lessons in that are endless. My brother and sister are both so amazingly talented and creative, they have always given me someone to look up to and help me to see and think deeper. My 2 awesomely fun nephews who help me remember the innocence and openness of children’s minds… What mine was like before the filter. I am thankful for all my friends I have made along the way and the things they have taught me both on purpose and on accident. A special thanks to Natasha, such a positive, open, uplifting soul, she makes me laugh alot and understands this crazy mind.

 Wow. I am lucky.

 thank u.

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