Terry Richardson

Terry Richardson is a HUGE inspiration to me!
I mentioned his blog in another post but thought I would post some of my favorite pieces of his.
So creative and open! Brilliance!

3 thoughts on “Terry Richardson

  1. This guy is a sick fuck. Have you looked into his childhood at all? He obviously had some issues growing up, and now the media is telling you ‘oh, he’s brilliant,’ when really, he shoots like any american apparel phootgrapher- the only difference is the dark shit (pedophilia and satanism much?) that he is into and that YOU bunch of morons (SHEEPLE, might I say) have condoned so far. Is this NORMAL? Is the message he is sending MORAL? Dude is a pathetic piece of shit, just a bag of blood- no soul, and no personality besides what the cocaine and hallucinogenics have to offer.

    You people are out of your fucking minds.
    Now, turn the channel back to MTV.

    • A comment with some soul! I love it! I have no comment on the photographer as a person. I don’t even go into that, I totally surface level look at images and if they spark ideas within me, I post it as inspiration. Calling me a SHEEPLE however is hilarious… first off cause I call people sheep myself, secondly, the combined words… clever and thirdly, it’s just highly inaccurate, but who cares about me… Check out my website http://www.theflostudio.com and then judge the shit out of me. I’d love the feedback! I am out of my fucking mind… you are right about that one, and I wouldn’t have it any other way… although, I don’t watch MTV or TV at all really. Being concerned with the message people are sending is only gonna frustrate you (clearly your comment suggests frustration) because it will never change. Speaking of TV, turn it on and go bitch at all the people creating the diet commercials, cosmetic commercials, and media that is constantly teaching people to conform and obey… and then think “Is Terry Richardson really that bad?… at least he isn’t preaching to be any one way”. Seriously though, thanks for the heart felt comment. 🙂

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